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Jay Scruggs

Jay owns Here Comes the Groom mobile in Tennessee. Jay has won multiple BIS and BAA awards. After qualifying for the GroomTeam USA Travel Team Jay helped the team bring home Gold at the 2001 World Grooming Championship in Calagry, AB. Jay also won American Groomer of the Year 2001, Best All Around American Groomer at InterGroom 2002, Groomer of the Year Award at Westminster Dog Show in 2002 and represented his country again helping the US to win Silver at Worlds 2003. Jay and Sue Zecco are well known for educating groomers across the US and internationally with their Super Styling Sessions videos. Jay is a Wahl Clipper co Representative and is on the Wahl Elite Team.

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Sue Zecco

Sue Zecco is a Certified Master Groomer with the National Dog Groomers Association of America and the International Professional Groomers Association with more than 35 years of grooming experience. Sue is a multiple grooming contest winner, with many Best in Show and Best All Around Groomer awards to her credit. Her favorite accomplishments include winning Intergroom's International Groomer of the Year with BIS judge the late Serafino Ripamonte, and the Oster Invitational's Grand Champion. Sue has been a GroomTeamUSA member since 1996, and was the first GT member to earn over 100 points in one year's time. She also competed on two World Team Championships in England and Canada, helping the USA bring home both Gold and Silver medals. Sue is the very proud recipient of six Cardinal Crystal Achievement Awards, which include American Groomer, Judge, and Congeniality.

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Anne Francis

Anne is a Certified Master Groomer with National Dog Groomers Association of America and has been grooming for over twenty years at the Village Groomer in Walpole, Ma. She has been an active competitor reaching her goal of becoming a GroomTeam USA member. She has been nominated for Barkleigh Honors Awards for Up and Coming Speaker and Journalist of the Year. She has won
the Cardinal Crystal Grooming Award for Journalism for her “How To” article in Grooming Business Magazine. She has received the Taxi award, which is given to the groomer who brings out the best personality in their mixed breed trim. One of her most cherished awards Anne has received is the William Stone Memorial Award given to the groomer who has the best rapport with the dogs they compete with. Having taught in England and the USA, Anne is passionate about teaching other groomers and helping them reach their personal and professional goals.

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Jackie Boulton

Jackie has been grooming for over 30 years. She started competing in 1992, and never looked back. She is the five time recipient of the prestigious Cardinal Crystal Achievement Award for Best International Groomer. Intergroom's International Groomer of the Year seven times. She was the Barkleigh's Winners Circle champion, winning an astounding $32,000. She has won the Tom McLaughlin Jackpot competition in Las Vegas at Superzoo, twice, each time beating out 40 talented contestants from around the globe for the $10,000 jackpot. Multiple Best in Show and Best all Around titles and has received countless Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals at multiple grooming events in North America.She holds the record for being on the cover Groomer to Groomer eight times. Jackie loves sharing all she has learned with fellow groomers, and giving back to an industry she is so proud to be a part of. .Jackie and her sister Deb own Mucky Pups Grooming Salon in Calgary, and in its 27th year, it is one of the most successful grooming businesses in Canada.

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